About Us


Ohio Family and Children First (OFCF) is a partnership of government agencies and community organizations committed to improving the well-being of children and their families.  As a multi-agency umbrella, OFCF focuses on bringing individuals, agencies and organizations together to better serve children and families.

OFCF was created by state law in 1993, to help families seeking services for their children.

Each board of county commissioners was to establish a county Family and Children First council.

Clermont County Family and Children First (FCF) has established the following:

  • Purpose:  To be the entity responsible for the planning and coordination of services to multi-need children and families in Clermont County.
  • Mission:  To promote and facilitate communication and collaboration among Clermont County child and family serving agencies to ensure that Clermont County infants, children, adolescents and their families receive appropriate and responsive services to enable youth to develop adequate skills in preparation for a successful adulthood.

A few of the things that Clermont County FCF offers:

Wraparound Program:
The purpose of the Clermont County Family & Children First (FCF) Wraparound Program is to provide a neutral setting for families requiring services where their needs may not have been adequately addressed in traditional agency systems.  The services and supports provided are collaborative, coordinated, cross system, team based planning processes implemented to address the needs of youth and families where those needs are multiple and complex.

For families and youth involved in Wraparound, site-based respite may be part of the Wraparound Team Plan.  A 6-hour day of respite is offered at least monthly.

Home-based Services:
For families and youth involved in Wraparound, home-based services may be provided as a part of the Wraparound Team Plan.  Intensive home-based services may include case management, education, therapy and crisis support.

Peer Support Partners:
For families involved in Wraparound, Peer Support Partners are available.  Peer Support Partners work side-by-side with families throughout the Wraparound process