The Clermont County Mental Health and Recovery Board has partnered with the University of Cincinnati’s School of Social Work to conduct evaluation research on all programs within the FAST TRAC System of Care. The project will determine the extent to which local FAST TRAC programs including Wraparound, Peer Support Partners, Transition to Independence, School-Based Mental Health Prevention Services, and Cultural and Linguistic Competency training initiatives are effective in achieving their desired outcomes. It will also attempt to identify how and why certain aspects of these programs contribute to the continued success of the families served by FAST TRAC. Lastly, the project will collect and analyze data, as well as disseminate findings from a longitudinal outcomes study with a subsample of 225 families served by FAST TRAC.

The evaluation research team is led by Michael McCarthy, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in the School of Social Work at the University of Cincinnati. Rachel Smith, MHSc., functions as the primary Data Manager and analyst for the local FAST TRAC programs. Jeff Schellinger, LPCC, coordinates the activities of the FAST TRAC longitudinal outcomes study.  Jonathan Sutter, MSW, manages the collection and analysis of data specific to FAST TRAC’s Wraparound program, with a particular focus on the implementation of new technologies for improving efficiency.  Daniel Hargraves, MSW, is responsible for project marketing including the drafting of professional- and lay-versions of quarterly Evaluation Briefs. The entire team works closely with youth, parents, families, treatment professionals, FAST TRAC personnel, and interagency collaborators in the design and implementation of the evaluation research plan.

The research team has offices on campus at the University of Cincinnati and travel frequently throughout Clermont County for data collection and meetings with study collaborators. The team provides leadership and works side-by-side with partners in designing, collecting data, and disseminating results.

Click on the completed Evaluation Briefs for Professionals below:

Wraparound 2013

Wraparound 2014

Wraparound 2015

Wraparound Final

Peer Support Partner 2013

Peer Support Partner 2014

Peer Support Partner 2015

TIP 2013

TIP 2014

TIP 2015

School-Based Mental Health Fall 2013

School-Based Mental Health Fall 2014

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School-Based Mental Health

School-Based Mental Health Family Brief


Peer Support Partner

Peer Support Partner Family Brief 2015

TIP Fall 2014

TIP Fall 2015