Evaluation Update

The last six months has seen a number of developments for the UC Evaluation Team. One highlight is our work on the Wraparound Fidelity Index or “WFI”.  The WFI is a telephone-based interview which asks questions about how services are delivered and to what extent those services, choices, and decision-making processes hold true to how wraparound services are meant to be delivered (i.e., “fidelity”).  The WFI asks about the ten principles which are the basis for FAST TRAC’s system-of-care approach.  For example, that it is “Family Driven,” “Youth Guided,” and “Strengths-Based”.  We are pleased to see that FAST TRAC’s Wraparound process scores significantly higher on nine out of ten principles compared to other programs in the country.  So, FAST TRAC should get a “high five” for this one as it shows that they are delivering these services in precisely the way they should be. This means that FAST TRAC families and youth are receiving services in the most effective way possible.


After a challenging few months, the FAST TRAC Local Evaluation specific to Clermont County is under new leadership from Dr. Michael McCarthy, Assistant Professor in UC’s School of Social Work, and getting back on track.  The Local Evaluation is measuring the impact of specific FAST TRAC programs such as Wraparound, Peer Support Partners, Transition to Independence, and School-based Mental Health services and hopes to demonstrate the value of sustaining these programs for the future.  We are engaged and excited to see what Year 4 will bring!  Stay tuned in the coming months for a series of “Evaluation Briefs” which will report on preliminary findings from these Local Evaluation efforts.

On a slightly less positive note, the National Evaluation had some difficulties over the summer enrolling new families into the National Evaluation study.  If you refer to the article on the FAST TRAC website titled “National Evaluation,” which is found by clicking “news” at the top of the home page, you can read some background information on this important work and why family participation is so meaningful. While it appears that we have turned the corner and are getting more new enrollments (we now have enrolled 92 families!), we ask that families PLEASE sign up to participate when starting services so we can measure how things go.  If you are already enrolled, please help us continue to demonstrate that the services FAST TRAC provides make a positive difference in the lives of youth and their families. PLEASE follow through and meet with us every six months.  Beyond the satisfaction that you will be helping to establish the value of FAST TRAC services, study participants are also compensated for each interview.

From your UC Evaluation Team partners, have a wonderful autumn season and keep in touch!