Guidelines for Home-Based Services

Children’s Community Behavioral Health (CCBH)

  • To be eligible to receive home-based services through CCBH funds, a child must be active with Cluster (see Service Coordination Plan for Cluster description) and a recommendation made to refer the child to determine eligibility for CCBH home-based services. Active is defined as having a Cluster meeting within one (1) month of the CCBH referral with the child (when appropriate), family, agencies and systems in attendance; the child (when appropriate), family, agencies and systems involved are engaged in the Cluster process and actively working together to attain Service Plan goals and objectives; and the child (when appropriate), family, agencies and systems have a follow-up Cluster scheduled within one (1) month of the request.
  • The Cluster participants must agree that the child is in need of home-based services to maintain a placement with parents, grandparents, relatives, etc or as part of a step down plan from an out of home care placement to a parent/relative home.
  • The child must be a multi-need, multi-system child.
  • The child must have a mental health and/or alcohol or drug related diagnosis.
  • Family must be in crisis or in need of intense, time-limited home-based services, which may include teaching coping skills, education, implementing a behavior plan, or modeling skills for a parent.
  • Family must actively participate with home-based workers.
  • A CCBH Initial Referral Form must be completed for consideration of funding.
  • An Eligibility Determination Form will notify the referral source of the eligibility/funding decision and, if funded, the dates of approved funding.
  • Once the referral source receives an Eligibility Determination Form approving the homebased services, the referral source shall make a referral to the provider.
  • Any issues that arise in the referral process shall be communicated to the FCF Clinical Coordinator.
  • Funding is limited.
  • While the child/family is receiving CCBH home-based services, the child/family must agree to:
    • participate in Cluster meetings on at least a monthly basis;
    • complete necessary paperwork for the submission of information through MACSIS (State of Ohio’s billing system for mental health and substance abuse services); and
    • complete parent surveys and Ohio Scales as requested by FCF.