How do I become more culturally competent?

By: Mary Wolff, CLC Coordinator

How do I become more culturally competent?  The first place to start is always with yourself.  What is your cultural background?  Are there any family stories about how your family came to America?  It can be fascinating to learn about your family history.  Genealogy can be helpful and so can talking to family members, especially older ones.  What is your belief system and is it tied to an organized religion?  Faith-based communities are a source of values and beliefs about how to treat others.  As the holiday season approaches, take the time to notice the foods you eat, the traditions you share, and the people who make up your family.  Music, dance, and clothing…. all of these things are part of what makes you, you.   Looking at ourselves as people with many roles, beliefs, talents, even biases, begins to open the door of approaching others in a culturally and linguistically competent way.  If you are interested in learning more about other cultures, consider joining the Cultural Conversations activities sponsored by Clermont FAST TRAC.  For more information contact