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1001 Great Ideas for Teaching and Raising Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Autism
A Child Called “It” Pelzer, David Foster care
A Man Named Dave Pelzer, David Foster care
Attaching in Adoption Gray, Deborah D. Adoption, Attachment
Brick Walls of Justice – Teens Write About Prison Juvenile Justice
bullycide in America High, Brenda Bullying
Come the Darkness Comes the Light Vega, Vanessa Cutting
Creating Public Value Moore, Mark Hl. Management
Different But Equal – Teens Write About Disabilities Disabilities
everything is NORMAL until proven otherwise Dennis, Karl W. Wraparound
Hope and Dreams Lentz, Kirby IEP, Autism
More Than a Mom Baskin, Amy Special Needs, Parenting
My Andrew Simpson, Wallis A. Autism
Orphans of the Living Toth, Jennifer foster care
Please Stop Laughing at Us Blanco, Jodee Bullying
Running on Dreams Heiman, Herb Autism
SCARED Lipskey, Deborah autism
Skills for Families Skills for Life Shadoin, Linda M. Life Skills
Special Education A Parent’s Guide for Children’s Success Bailey, Michael T. Special Education
Surviving Sexual Abuse – Living a Lie Sexual Abuse
The Biploar Child Papolos, Demitri & Janice Bipolar
The Heart Knows Something Different Foster Care
The Lost Boy Pelzer, David Foster care
The Tipping Point Gladwell, Malcolm Social Epidemic
Things Get Hectic Teens, Violence
Toilet Training for Individuals with Autism and Related Disorders Wheeler, Maria Autism