Project Director Report

By:  Gretchen Behimer, Project Director

It’s hard to believe that we just began Year 4 of our SAMHSA grant.  As we entered into Year 4, I took some time to reflect on what we’ve accomplished in 3 years (2 years of service provision).

  • It’s amazing to see that our partners (Children’s Protective Services, Juvenile Court, Developmental Disabilities, schools, mental health providers, families and youth) have truly embraced the system of care philosophy.  Family-driven and youth-guided has really become the way services are planned and provided now.
  • We have a family and youth activity or training at least monthly.  Attendance has been slowly increasing as more and more families are seeing the value in connecting with others.
  • We have a Family Leadership Training.  It’s amazing to see the family members grow in their journey in advocating for their child and themselves.
  • Youth emancipating from Children’s Protective Services and Juvenile Court are successfully living on their own!  Youth are learning the skills to be successful in their adult life.
  • Peer Support Partners are viewed as a valuable part of the wraparound team.
  • Families and youth are active members of Family & Children First Council and FAST TRAC workgroups.
  • We’ve engaged thousands of youth in the community through art projects every spring to bring awareness to children’s mental health issues.
  • School-based services have expanded into more schools in the county.
  • High school staff are being trained in the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program, not just elementary and middle school staff.
  • Parents make a large portion of the referrals to wraparound.
  • The wraparound process has been embraced by our families, youth, partners and community agencies.
  • We’ve provided lots of training (free of charge) on various topics to the community.


In Years 4-6 of the grant, we will continue to provide the services/supports we have implemented or enhanced through grant funds.  We will be focusing on sustainability of the services/supports after the grant period by providing data on outcomes.