Peer Support Partners

Peer Support Partners (PSP) provide support to families involved with the Wraparound Program. A PSP currently parents, or recently parented, a child with mental health and/or behavioral challenges and is/was involved in multiple systems. Peer Support Partners are caregivers who have been through the systems with their child and have reached the level that they want to help support other families in the Wraparound process. Peer Support Partners work as a team member to coach, support and connect families not only to services/resources, but also assist them to engage within their community and within the Wraparound system. They have an understanding and common life experience that no other team member brings to the table. Their primary roles:

  1. Help engage families who otherwise may not engage
  2. Help guide the family through learning the terminology of systems
  3. Assist with understanding and responding to family voice and choice; encouraging the family’s active participation
  4. Providing direct support to assist parents/caregivers to implement goals on their Wraparound plan through individual meetings, support at Wraparound meetings, training and skill building. They are available to families by phone, text and email should they have questions or issues that do not require a face to face contact.

PSP services are offered to each family entering the Wraparound Program. Families may decline PSP services and still participate in Wraparound. Families may request PSP services at any stage of the process and one will be assigned to them.

PSP services are provided to the Wraparound Program through a contract with Child Focus.