Staff Highlight – Cyndi Mather

Cyndi has a unique perspective in her role as Peer Support Partner.  She and her family have gone through the Wraparound process prior to her being hired as a Peer Support Partner.  She often shares with the Wraparound team her insights as a person who has been in the system, which sometimes changes the approach to an issue.IMG00890

Cyndi was hired in May 2011 and is an avid researcher.  If there is a need for a resource or information about a topic, Cyndi is ready to get the information.  She has become the “official” researcher for the Peer Support Partner program through Families Connected, Inc.  Cyndi lives in Amelia with her husband, Mike, and her two daughters.  She has years of experience advocating for her family’s medical and educational needs.


Cyndi says, “I feel that I understand what so many families are going through and I just want them to know they are not alone.  I will be there for them through thick and thin!”