What’s Youth-Guided?

By: Danny Little, Youth Engagement Specialist

So when you hear the term “youth-guided care,” what exactly does that mean?  It means that youth have an important voice that needs to be heard. Youth should be involved as decision makers in policies and procedures that affect them and other youth in their community. This includes youth having the opportunity to sit on workgroups and boards as well as their own decision making advisory board. Youth also have the opportunity to choose and participate in trainings that will help them in becoming productive members of our community.

Our FAST TRAC youth group usually meets twice a month, once for the Youth Advisory Board and the second time for either a training or fun event, even though sometimes we may get together more than that.  For our fun events, we may go to a baseball game or sometimes we just hang out and play the Wii. Some recent events include the cardboard boat regatta in New Richmond on August 20th and a grill out for our transition aged youth group on Sept. 8th.  As far as the trainings, the youth pick what topics they feel are important and that they can learn something from.  Youth are also members of FAST TRAC workgroups, providing input into the discussions and decisions that are made.

So how can you become involved? You can reach me at dlittle.ft@ccmhrb.org or call 513-732-5417 for more information.