Youth Leadership Academy Update

We are halfway through the first FAST TRAC Youth Leadership Training and I would like to highlight some of the things we have done so far. One thing we have focused on is growing as a group. The youth completed the low ropes course at Woodland Lakes, in which the youth had to work as a group to accomplish different tasks. These tasks could only be completed with the cooperation from everyone in the group and if youth took the lead.

Another focus of Youth Leadership Training has been on self-development. The youth have learned more about the FAST TRAC System of Care and how they are empowered to have a voice when it comes to their treatment and things that involve their lives. They have narrowed in on things that have led them to enhance their leadership abilities, such as their history, fears, and skills. They have also begun to plan goals and things they would like to accomplish after the training series is over.

Next month, the youth will have Susan Graham from Child Focus as a presenter. For the beginning of the day, she will be presenting on School-Based Mental Health Services and how the youth can find help for themselves or a friend who is struggling with depression and other mental health issues. Then she will talk about bullying for the last half of the day and the youth will discuss different scenarios and options they have when bullied and as a bystander.