FAST TRAC 2013 So Far

So many great things are going on within the FAST TRAC System of Care, I am not quite sure where to begin. Here are some of the great things that have occurred thus far in 2013:

  • The Youth Advisory Group, YOUTH M.O.V.E. of Clermont County, was reorganized and held its first meeting in February. The group was very excited to come together and has begun planning a monthly after school event for youth. They are also looking at providing some training specifically for the youth and additional fun events.
  • The first Youth Leadership Training (YLT) series has 13 youth attending! The youth learned more about the FAST TRAC System of Care and Social Marketing during their first day in February and in March, they met at Woodland Lakes Christian Camp for team building exercises. The focus of YLT is to give youth the skills they need to become effective leaders in our community.
  • The second group of family members will be graduating from the Family Leadership Training series in March! This group has great skills, has increased their knowledge of the systems, and we hope that they will become leaders in our community and in Ohio.
  • We have been planning for Wrap Camp 2013! The group of youth who attended Wrap Camp 2012 had a lot of fun and the planning team has a lot of great things in store for those youth who attend in 2013. More to come!
  • We just had Don Meyer come to Clermont County for a 2-day Sibshops training. Don is a dynamic and energetic trainer and facilitated the 2-day training for those interested in becoming Sibshops facilitators in their communities. Sibshops bring together siblings of youth with special needs as it is recognized that sibs have unique experiences and needs. See the article on Sibshops for more information.
  • The Family Advisory Group continues to plan for a mental health awareness day event on Saturday, May 18th. The event will be at Veterans Memorial Park from 2-5. Mike Veny, a mental health advocate, will share his story and conduct a “drumming circle.”
  • The FAST TRAC Evaluation Team from the University of Cincinnati’s School of Social Work is working on the next quarterly Evaluation Brief on the Peer Support Partner program (see the Evaluation article for more information). I hope you had the chance to review the first Evaluation Brief on Wraparound, which had lots of great data to support the positive effects of the Wraparound program.
  • 2013 My Feelings Are a Work of Art planning is in high gear. This will be the 4th year that FAST TRAC has supported schools and agencies in the creation of artwork during the month of May to increase awareness of mental health issues and to reduce stigma. May is Mental Health Month!
  • The first “Ouch, That Stereotype Hurts” training was held with Job & Family Services and Children’s Protective Services. The intent of this training is to help us learn how stereotypes can be hurtful and help us become more aware of the stereotypes that we have. Another training will be held with the Board of Developmental Disabilities this month.
  • A Cross Systems Training was conducted for 3 sessions this month. FAST TRAC, Family & Children First, Child Focus, Juvenile Court, Children’s Protective Services, and Board of Developmental Disabilities participated in the planning of the event and the presentations/group activities for the training. Attendance was great with lots of people from all the systems in attendance.

If you’d like to get more involved with any aspect of the FAST TRAC System of Care, please let me know.

Gretchen Behimer, FAST TRAC Project Director