Service Coordination

What is service coordination?

Similar to wraparound, service coordination is a planning process that is used to help coordinate services for youth and their families. During the process, a team of individuals work with the family to develop goals and meet those goals through accessing resources provided by local service agencies. Service coordination is less intensive than wraparound, and is designed to assist families who are either experiencing their first crisis or are needing to gain support from local agencies for the first time.

Can my family receive support through service coordination?

The most basic eligibility criteria for service coordination is that the youth and/or legal guardian must be a resident of Clermont County, the youth must be 0-21 years old, and the youth must have a need in 2 or more service systems.  Service coordination is used to help families who are either experiencing crisis for the first time, or are needing to and are unsure how to access support from agencies and providers.

The service coordination referral form can be accessed HERE. Referrals are accepted from families, schools, agencies and providers and can be faxed to 513-732-7491 or emailed to