Have you been hearing the phrase “Family-driven” in conversations recently?

By: Jean Houston, Lead Family Contact, Families Connected of Clermont County

Have you been hearing the phrase “Family-driven” in conversations recently?  Have any idea what that means regarding the provision of services to families?

The idea that forcing information or services on people and they will comply is, and has always been, contradictory to the human belief that we are all capable of making constructive choices about our own needs when given the facts to make an informed decision.  The expectation that if families follow all the instructions given to them without any input themselves, they will do well, is a changed concept in Clermont County!

We are developing a System of Care that values the family voice in the provision of services – “families are the expert and primary support of their children!”  They are part of the team, and their knowledge of their child is valued.

Making system change takes some time and we all have to be on board.  Families, too, must put aside the past and come into this process with a renewed faith that everyone wants success for their family.  They also must be able to actively work with a team approach to find solutions. 

Our FAST TRAC System of Care is not a service, but a philosophy of how services should be determined and delivered.  

The definition of Family-driven Care from the National Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health is:

Family-driven means families have a primary decision making role in the care of their own children, as well as, the policies and procedures governing care for all children in their community, state, tribe, territory and nation.

Join us at family events, share experiences with others or become a part of a workgroup to continue change in our County.