New Leadership Training is Coming Febraury 2015

A new series of  learning opportunities for families is available.

In the past, we have provided three series of Family Leadership Trainings which were held on Saturdays.  Over time, we have realized it is hard for families to get away for a whole day consistently, even with childcare being provided. This series will offer an opportunity for families to participate in the training through webinars, as well as, on site with the presenters.

The training curriculum will be based on developing the skills needed to self-advocate or to support other families, serve on boards, or other venues to represent parent  interests. Many parents within the wraparound process have expressed the desire to support other parents based on experiences with  their own Peer Support Partner (PSP).  This training will provide information to make a transition into the role of a Peer Support Partner or other advocacy position easier.  Training is based on skills PSPs have found necessary to support families in areas such as communication and listening skills, importance of notetaking, awareness of body language of team members, identifying their goals and problem solving skills.

The series will offer an opportunity to increase a variety of skills, such as identifying supports and resources, recognizing and acting on crisis situations and understanding and participating in writing a safety plan, also helping children to self-advocate. Many family situations require out –of- the box thinking, and we will look at some of the issues that have led to major changes (legistative or new programs) for families because they realized  the need was not their’s alone. Belief and culture; what is the difference?  Recognizing your own culture and beliefs is a first step to valuing others and working with families based on their culture and beliefs. One of the most significient learning experiences we will cover is the importance of confidentiality and boundaries.  Why some rules pertaining to those areas are vital to the success of providing peer support services.

A retreat will kick off the series as in the past because it provides participants an opportunity to come together to develop the trust  needed to work as a group.  The retreat session will be  a four hour day set on a Saturday.

If your interest is to further develop your self advocacy skills and/or would like to be a  future support to other families in a role of peer support, please  join other parents  to acquire this information developed through the experience of those who are presently in that position.

Please contact us if you have an interest.  An application will be mailed to you. This is a no cost program and child care will be provided.  2 hour sessions will be held twice a month. Certificates will be provided for each session.

Jean Houston, Lead Family Contact

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