Staff Highlight – Jeff Miracle

Jeff Miracle is a new member of the FAST TRAC Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health (GCB) Transition to Independence Process (TIP) team, however he has been working with GCB’s Homeless Adult ACT team since 2008. Jeff graduated from UC Clermont in 2005 with a BA in Psychology and is currently working toward a Master’s degree and Ph.D. in Counseling through Walden University. Prior to coming to GCB, Jeff lived for a few years in California and worked as a manager of a residential program for adolescents in crisis. He is excited to be working with youth again and to be back in Clermont County, as he is originally from Ohio and moved back to be close to his family. His family prides themselves on having many musicians and Jeff shares their interests in singing and writing his own songs. In addition to music, he has several other hobbies, including theater, crafting, writing, and tending to his garden. Jeff is very dedicated to his work and believes in a client centered philosophy, being ready for people to make changes in their lives, and teaching by example. He likes to think that he is helping everyone on their own personal journey and that we are all growing all the time and that individuals need to be respected for what they have and where they have come from. “People need to be heard, understood, and helped right where they are at the present time both mentally and physically in a way that is beneficial to them.”