Staff Highlight- Rachael Feldman

Rachael Feldman is the newest member on the FAST TRAC Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health (GCB) Transition to Independence (TIP) team. She came to GCB right after graduating from UC with her Masters in Social Work and has obtained her Licensed Social Worker (LSW) status. Rachael spent her MSW program interning with the Butler County Children’s Services Intake and Investigations Department, which was a really great learning experience and definitely helped her prepare for her current role as a Transition Facilitator.

Originally from Cincinnati’s Westside, Rachael is preparing for her move to east Cincinnati and learning what the community has to offer. On her off time, she enjoys all things related to music, including singing, reading, and being with her friends and family. She states that she is excited to be with the TIP team and enjoys communicating and helping young people. Rachael believes, “a person’s background does not make the person; everyone deserves more chances to better their lives when they are ready.”