Success Story: Clermont Transition to Independence Process

Kimberly started the Clermont Transition to Independence Process (TIP) Program back in October 2010. She states that during this time, she was “homeless and acting a fool.” Kimberly has had many difficult life related obstacles that she has worked very hard at overcoming during the last two years. Kim states that, “TIP taught me how to keep my mood stable, they taught me how to be responsible for myself and my own actions,” while supporting me through the hard times. Kim also states that Jennifer Kleier, her prior TIP facilitator, helped her re-engage with a key player in her life, her mother. Kim states that this relationship is very valuable to her and that over time, she has learned how to have better personal relationships and feel connected to others. Kim is currently planning to move to Wyoming, with her mother and sister, to start a new journey in this chapter of her life.

Kim feels that the TIP program has helped her become more of an “adult” and think for herself. She also has made great strides in learning skills around appropriate ways of coping, advocating for herself, and instilling healthy boundaries with others. Kim currently is learning how to budget on her own, learning how to drive, and is planning for her future. She recently bought a car and is becoming more independent through practicing her driving skills with her sister, another key player.

Kim states that the one thing she would recommend for anyone starting the TIP Program is to, “Listen to your transitional facilitator. They know what they are talking about and care about you.” We are proud to have Kimberly in our program, and are exceedingly overjoyed with her personal growth and progress in becoming more independent, growing into a responsible young woman, and being a voice in the youth community promoting positive social change and advocating for youth support. Way to go Kimberly, you will be greatly missed!