Success Story: Wraparound

I have two special needs children.  People think they understand.  But they don’t.   Even other parents of special needs children don’t understand what my particular challenges are, and I don’t understand theirs.  Special needs children, like all people, are different.  The Wraparound program understands this and deals with each child and family, and their unique needs and challenges, one-on-one.

My family started working with our Wraparound team in April.  We have identified short and long term goals and needs and we have fulfilled some of those needs already.  We have been able to access some resources, including financial, that have already helped my family, particularly my son.

I was hesitant at the beginning, thinking it was just another run-around that wouldn’t amount to anything.  But I’m so glad I decided to try Wraparound.  It has already made a difference in my son’s and my family’s quality of life.

Kathy, Milford, OH