The Training Institutes: A Youth Perspective

We recently went to the 2014 Georgetown Institutes in Maryland. Every time we go to a conference, we get the opportunity to bring a youth who is involved with FAST TRAC. This year we brought Trent, who is in the Clermont TIP program. He has prepared a small article on what he did and learned while at the conference….

If I had to say one thing about the 2014 Training Institutes it would be that it is awesome and educational. I went to Washington, D.C. to attend the 2014 institutes. With that said I would like to share some of the things that happened. When I went to the workshops and institutes I learned a lot there about different things like, different youth services, how to make youth services better, and trusting and rebuilding relationships.  I even got to learn a little bit of kick boxing, which was my favorite part. I got to meet two guys named Kevin.  They shared some of their stories, which were very inspirational to me. On the other hand, we got to stay in the nicest looking hotel I have ever stayed in. I did a lot of fun things with the people I was with. For example, I went to the space museum with Danny from the TIP program, saw the Washington Monument, saw the Capitol Building, ate at the best tasting restaurants, and rode the water taxi. Overall I had the best experience at Washington, D.C.