Youth Summer Wrap-Up 2015

With summer wrapping up, it’s time to reflect on the things we’ve done. We had another successful year of Wrap Camp. This year could have been the most fun yet! On top of ScallyWag Tag and the YMCA, we had grill outs, played tons of games, ate some gross things like sardines and made some new friends. Another huge event we had in the summer was Independence City. To understand Independence City, you need to first think of a realistic “game of life” and then multiple it by 100. Around the room tables are set up with each table representing different things, like employment, utilities, transportation, etc. Youth and young adults were given IDs which indicated what their income was, if they had children, and if they had a criminal background. Then each person had to figure out how to live life with what they had. Another summer is in the books, but stay tuned for monthly youth newsletters. The fall has many activities planned, like our monthly cooking classes, our Halloween party, our annual chili cook off, and a lot more. One last thing! We are recruiting youth to participate in the Youth MOVE Advisory Board. As a member, you will gain leadership skills and help plan meaningful events and trainings. If you have any questions or are interested in the Youth Advisory Board, feel free to contact me, Danny Little, by phone 354-1307 or email  Thanks!